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Eco-Resort Azerbaijan

Location: Quba, Azerbaijan

Year: 2019

Status: Concept

Type: Hotel

Eco-Resort Azerbaijan

     The project discovers the mountain ranges of Azerbaijan. Surrounded by pure nature, the hotel aims to blend with environmental values. Therefore, visitors would reach the regenerating atmosphere with its nature-oriented approach.

The landscape of Azerbaijan promising a great regeneration for people, which leads the project to tend on nature. In order to emphasize the surrounding elements, it is necessary to concern environmental adapting. Thus, the design aims to enhance geographical and local values whilst creating a place to refresh.

The project site is a neighbor of a village named "Qriz". As it is located in the mountains of Azerbaijan, the project has a huge responsibility of adapting forms, materials and functions into the landscape. The geography and villages present traditional vernacular settlements, which directs the design in ecological and sustainable forms and materials. Therefore, environment shapes the eco-design and harmony with all aspects of the geography, nature and living of the village is provided.


Local elements are reflected as the materials of the project. Together with the geographical elements, vernacular references from the neighborhood are also represented respectfully as a sustainable contemporary architecture in the eco-hotel design.

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