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Gaziantep University Library

Location: Gaziantep, Türkiye

Year: 2019

Status: Concept

Type: Library

Gaziantep University Library 

     The project being developed on this area deals with contradictions such as grandeur and modesty, public and private, institutional and domestic, social and distinguished, together with structural and topographical considerations. 

The ground  is split into two arms separated by two entrances, one for students of the University and other for visitors. However, those entrances are operating simultaneously on the ground as socializing areas, study areas and workshop areas as well as playgrounds, indoor meetings supported by eating and drinking areas serving the venue.

Besides, the ground provides acces from the city side through the indoor museum as well. The museum has its own flexible open and closed exhibition spaces. The exhibition area provides entrance to the library.

Regarding the 10 meter high foyer in the library, it creates an open and comfortable space to study. The use of materials and structural elements, like the arch structure and stone related to the region create an harmony with Gaziantep.

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