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Mehmet Akif Ersoy Cultural Hub

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Year: 2020

Status: Built

Type: Mixed Use

Mehmet Akif Ersoy Cultural Hub

   2021 is the 100th year of the acceptance of our national anthem and on behalf of the anniversary, we would gladly represent our project Mehmet Akif Ersoy Education Center! 

The building aims to increase the communication of the society by social activities, cultural shares, educational meetings and sports facilities. By the design of Şerbetçi Architects, the education center was also shaped according to the communal needs of Eyüpsultan. Compact design of the building contains three similar units, and also a block with a climbing wall. In addition, the complex has a children house and cafe for the people who attends any event of the center. That reveals how the project is reachable for different age groups and point of interests.

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